Do you wish to develop your skills and your people skills ?

Our field experience in companies, HR management, training and coaching equips us to hold a number of workshops adapted to your organization’s needs in company or extramurally. These are based on learning by doing, sharing experiences, challenges and best practices. The workshops are interactive.

The workshops are led by one or two HR professional facilitators, specializing in coaching or in management. They include a wide array of role play, solving real-life cases, and theoretical teaching based on the latest trends and on the all-important field experience enjoyed by the leaders.

This workshop is hands-on and looks into the major aspects of HR management faced by the participants, such as recruiting, integration, talent training-and-development, career management, motivation, communication, performance assessment, remuneration policy, lay-offs.

Who is the workshop for?

  • HR professionals wishing to consolidate their knowledge of HR management and to share experiences and expertise with other professionals;
  • Managers wishing to gain additional management skills by looking into the practical aspects of HR management.

Constant internal and external changes, more and more complex situations, often needing to be solved remotely: these demand workers to be quite autonomous. Managers now need to become manager-coaches in order to best support the indispensable development of their teams’ potential.

This workshop allows participants to learn milestones and tools to play this new role. Participants evolve in an interactive setting and role play allows them to test how good they are at using the tools, to analyse stakes in the coaching relationship so as to choose the best-fit method, to practise how to lead coaching interviews, to face delicate situations, and to help change processes along.

Who is the workshop for?

- Managers wishing to upgrade their skills in team management.

This workshop aims at reviewing the most efficient methods in the field of remote management, making the difference between remote managing and remote coaching, and choosing the tools and means for better remote communication and staff management.

The workshop allows for a better understanding of the role to be played by virtual coaches and your international people’s work culture and thereby for the optimization of collaboration with the team members. Presentations, sharing times, simulations and practical cases will give participants the opportunity to develop a more efficient approach of multicultural and remote team management.

Who is the workshop for?

- Remote teams managers and leaders

The yearly assessment discussion is a privileged moment for both workers and management. In order to be fully efficient, it needs to be conducted in a concerted and objective fashion.  The performance assessment discussion is no less than a management tool to strengthen individual and team performance. In addition, this workshop teaches communication and listening skills and thereby provides participants with clues to identify and prevent hazardous situations that could occur after the assessment such as stress, harassment, or discrimination.

The workshop aims at optimizing the discussion preparation, mastering the structure and the stages of the yearly assessment, setting SMART objectives, defining and following a skills development plan, behaving as a Manager-Coach and learning the efficient behaviours to instill trust and manage challenging situations with a better knowledge of the other parties at hand.

Who is the workshop for?

- Managers and HR professionals.

The job interview is about selecting candidates for a given post as well as about helping candidates get to know the company better. Hence the importance of its preparation and follow-up both in terms of selecting appropriate candidates and in terms of the company’s brand-and-employer image.

The workshop aims at identifying and adjusting style according to the dialogue partner and to the company image represented by the professional, optimising job interview practices, deepening and varying interview techniques and review grids, and being able to design or develop review grids and interview assessments.

Who is the workshop for?

HR professionals, recruitment officers, recruitment consultants, managers.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the full workshop programme.